Roofing Materials for Coastal Homes

There are important factors to consider when purchasing coastal roofing material for your home. It is essential to find coastal roofing materials that can withstand certain weather conditions like the following:

  • Moisture
  • Salt
  • Sun’s rays
  • Stormy weather

Select for heavy, durable roofing like slate or galvanized steel if your house is situated along coastal areas prone to heavy storms like hurricanes.

Here are some Roofing Materials Ideal for Coastal Homes:

Metal Roofing

Galvanized steel once installed properly aside from its economic value and can last over fifty years. Metal roofing is zinc coated made from alloyed steel, which has the capacity to protect the roof from rusting, forceful winds, and rain. Re-application of zinc coating every 20 years is needed to preserve its durability.

This coastal roofing material can help lower the cost of cooling your home because metal roofs reflect the sun.

Western Red Cedar

A common choice for homes on the New England coastline is western red cedar. Western red cedar is durable and resistant to impact that they can endure debris from stormy weather.

When choosing this material, be sure to install pretreated shingles on your home as wood products are more susceptible to rot and mold.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are in demand for homes in Florida or Southern California giving a Mediterranean look and feel. Clay tiles are both resistant to fire and water and will combat to salty, moist air.

It’s best to ask roofing professional before selecting this material for your home. Not all homes are structurally built to support the weight of this heavy coastal roofing material aside from the needed cost to purchase and install the material.


Slate roofing is an ideal material for coastal roofing home because it has a long lifespan, fire resistant, and maintenance is easy. It will provide your home a unique, beautiful look when opting for slate roofing. However, the material doesn’t come cheap and experienced professional should be hired for proper installation.


Due to aluminum resistance to corrosion and provides energy efficiency, this roofing material has grown in popularity. Aluminum roofing has the following properties: reflects light and discharge heat, thus, many savings for heating and cooling costs for your home.