Obtain the Marble Look for Less

Aside from its beauty, marble is an essential material that can be matched with almost any type of bathroom style. From retro style to vintage, even the traditional to contemporary, marble can be incorporated side by side with any material with its elegance and deluxe styles. Marble is an expensive material which is usually the problem for tight budget homeowners.

Marble lasts for a long time and doesn’t etch even on acidic products as it has a specific cleaning and maintenance requirements. Some available cleaning and grooming products are strong enough that can damage marble most especially if not maintained properly for long periods of time although this is mostly a kitchen problem.

If you dream of using marble material without spending too much, there’s a solution. There is a number of ways to get the marble look at a reasonable price and less fuss than getting the real marble.

  • Utilize laminate material

Thanks to modern technology, imitating grandeur surfaces is now easy and cheaper.

As pretty as the real marble, a laminate countertop is cheaper version and durable as well. It does have different surface compared to real marble but, the purpose that comes with the price is much more important. Obtaining marble laminate on kitchen and bathroom is inexpensive.

Laminate is easy to install on countertops and easy to trim depending on the size you prefer. Marble laminate is ideal for functional aesthetics and inexpensive option for remodeling bathroom.

  •  Use a marble imitation quartz

It’s best to purchase quartz than marble if you prefer a natural stone for your countertop. It’s a cheaper version of luxurious material but cleaning and maintenance need less effort.

Compared to laminate, quartz is more pricey so you should have sufficient budget but still cheaper than marble. Quartz is nonporous ideal for people with allergies as bacteria or mold won’t make it a breeding ground. For cleaning, a simple wiping the surface will do.

  • Go for granite

There are cheaper granites that can be a good option compared to genuine marble look and skyrocketing labor costs though granite material is pricey.

Granite material is a good choice for the bathroom if you prefer natural stone and ideal for not so large bathroom area.

For countertop material options, there are companies that supply a few marble replica options made out of granite. The options are vast so you can pick whatever style you want. Compared to marble, granite needs simple cleaning and maintenance.

  • Play with concrete

Concrete can be used to get the marble look. One asset of concrete is that the color can be controlled and the depth of the marble, even the veining can be managed. The color scheme of the wall or the other tiles in the area can be adapted to the bathroom using the concrete.